Egg tarts might be my favorite pastry. I generally dislike ranking foods, I never have a favorite dish among the ones that have been ordered and my least favorite ice breaker might just be “what’s your favorite food”. I do love egg tarts though.

Here’s a few that I’ve had:

2018-12-31 Hong Kong

This is actually a milk tart.


Still a good tart though.

I had been hunting for one of these for a while and I finally found right outside a subway station.

2019-12-31 SGV

Good crust, good custard, good tart.


2019-03-30 Champaign

Not good. It looks good, but it’s not. From the now closed PVP Bakery.


2019-05-19 SGV

Nice flaky crust on this one though the custard itself could be better.


2019-05-19 SGV 2

The color of the custard is very very nice.


2019-06-14 MPK

Cafeteria egg tart - very lemony?


2019-06-16 SF

One of the best egg tarts I’ve had, up there with Pastéis de Belém.


2021-02-15 Champaign

My first attempt. The recipe called for a surprising amount of flour in the custard and it came it very bready and with quite a rise! The crust is poor.


2021-09-17 Champaign

Second attempt. They look sickly.


2021-10-02 Champaign

The crust on these is a bit better. I did a prebake this time and dramatically decreased the amount of flour in the custard. I think the specific eggs used probably make a large impact and so I’ve recently found some local eggs which I think will do nicely, large yolks with good color.


It’s not enough to love something to be good at it. Quite a shame that one of the foods I enjoy the most I’m the worst at making but it also provides as nice target to go for.

Overall 🥧/🥧