Hello, I am a MSCS student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I received my BS from UIUC in Math&CS and Economics. My research interests are in examining the everyday, pedestrian problems we face through the lense of game theory and mechanism design. I am particularly interested in problems that cut across disciplines.

I am fortunate enough to work with wonderful people; my thesis advisor is Hari Sundaram.

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January 2022



Firefighting on the hexagonal grid

Dean, Abdullah, Sean English, Tongyun Huang, Robert A. Krueger, Andy Lee, Mose Mizrahi, and Casey Wheaton-Werle. “Firefighting on the hexagonal grid.” Discrete Applied Mathematics 305 (2021): 16-22. (arxiv)


Social network formation

This project seeks to develop a model of social network formation based on agents adopting preferences for neighbors in two dimensions and forming edges through local knowledge and actions. As actual networks are difficult to observe and people likely have preferences over what sorts of networks they would like to join it is plausible that people may use prior knowledge about the distribution of preferences in a population to estimate the actual network structure.

Fair group project mechanism

This is my MS thesis project; the goal is to develop a mechanism for allocating tasks and assigning grades more fairly in group projects.

Resourcing sharing between trees

This project develops a mechanism for resource exchange among tree populations. The model was initially developed for a class project which can be found here


Summer 2017 - Planet Bravo summer camp, the first time I was paid to teach math!

Summer 2018 - Viasat

Summer 2019 - Facebook

May 2020 to August 2021 - Facebook